Hello! Yolu is here!

I am happy to present you our 3D Game Character Workflow Tutorial Series!

I will break down my working process and show you everything I have learned over the years as a full-time 3D artist in a game studio.

I will be creating a bee girl lowpoly game character using Blender and Substance Painter. We will go through every stage of game character creation: starting with highpoly modeling\sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, texturing in Substance Painter.

I plan to make two types of textures: handpainted texture and PBR. In part 1, we will be focusing on sculpting the character's face in Blender. I hope you will find this helpful!

Thank you!

Stylized fantasy female character.

We developed three characters for our first indie game.

Those are:

  • Ash

  • Kail

  • Marcus

Honestly, we had some great plans for this game. It had a fantastic story, cutscenes, and profound lore. We paid for the writer's work, but we lacked experience in working with other people at that time. So we didn't do any legal work on securing that story.

The long story short writer left and took the story with him. Without the story, there was no point in continuing to develop our game.

But we put our heart and souls into that characters, so we want to share them with you and to see them alive in your games!

Finally, we published ASH Character at UE4 Marketplace!

! ! YAY! !

Ash is rigged to EPIC Skeleton and has ragdoll ponytail with collisions set up. Blender rig is also included.

Technical Details

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes IK bones are included: Yes Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048 Important/Additional Notes: Face is not rigged. The model has a ragdoll ponytail hairstyle.

UE4 Marketplace:

Please share with us videos or screenshots of your projects with Ash!

We will be delighted to see them!

Thank you!

Some screenshots of our first small game props project!

We decided to make a set for a tower defense game. Today we are happy to share with you screenshots of highpoly models of our first turrets set.

For each set of turrets there will be three tiers of upgrates. In the last 3rd tier, a player will have the opportunity to choice from two options.

Next time we will post textured versions.

Thank you!